About Us


In the early 1930s, when West Texas was considered one of the last frontiers, an immigrant from Denmark, my great-grandfather, "came west seeking his fortune." His name was John "Jack" Olsen. Using the skills of his hands and mind, he manufactured parts to repair equipment in the oil fields and followed the rigs around this part of Texas. Out of necessity, the idea was born to make a house on wheels. First, an "RV" on a truck chassis, then later a trailer house made out of tank steel pulled behind a converted Cadillac car.

About this time, a man from Arkansas came west with his family to find work and apply his skills as a "mule skinner." His name was L.A. Johnson, my great-grandfather. He found work with his teams of mules moving oil rigs in the West Texas oil fields. His son, V. W. Johnson, my grandfather, became a house mover in West Texas for some 30 years. In 1968, my father, Dan Johnson, opened Big J Transport and began applying the skills he learned moving houses and moving mobile homes. Then in 1980, he opened Big J Mobile Homes. Both businesses thriving today under Rodney Johnson and my brother, Todd Johnson. Together we continue to teach and employ the next generation of Johnson’s hard work we put into our family-owned business.


At Big J Mobile Homes, we firmly embrace the core values of faith, family, and hard work, which have been the foundation of our establishment. We extend a warm invitation for you to become a valued member of our customer family as we continue the legacy of offering single and double-wide mobile homes.